Changing security landscape for Internet users
Source: IT Wire - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Latest News A new security report from Verizon claims that cybersecurity breaches worldwide are starting to level off, with the communications vendor forecasting that the next 10 years will see security protection become more effective and widespread as organisations band together to fight cybercrime. According to Verizon’s latest security report, while online business transactions and consumer use of the Internet are continuing to increase dramatically, by 2020 it expects “life to be notably better for cyber users.”

Verizon’s top Internet security expert, Peter Tippett - speaking at the Infosecurity Europe trade show in London – said that “while we can never fully forecast the future, we certainly have a good glimpse into what security will be like 10 years from now, based on all the data we have amassed over the last several years for our Data Breach Investigations Reports. For starters, we know successful security breaches are levelling off and that means we are headed in the right direction as organisations band together to fight cybercrime.”

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