System security? What about your DATA!
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Host Security What makes this problem worse? Well what about your DATA? Let me start with the statement that there is nothing installed on your Desktop Linux system by default to protect your data from theft or destruction, and there is nothing to protect your computer from harming other computers when you are using Desktop Linux. There isn't even anything there by default that will notify you that something may be awry.

When discussing Desktop Linux, the list of possible attack vectors is HUGE and there are just too many to discuss here. The following represents a few of the simplest to compromise areas which can easily be used to gain access to a Desktop Linux system.

  • Files placed in /home, /var, and /tmp can be executed
  • ~/.config/autostart is user writable without elevating permission
  • Listeners can be started by processes running as the user above 1024 without elevating permission
  • Use of forums, blogs, and similar to resolve problems often instructs users to run scripts

Malware isn't limited to existence as a binary, Malware can be a shell script. A simple shell script posted in a forum offering to help a user can contain functions that could be immediately applied using only user credentials that can at a minimum perform all of the following bad things to your data.

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