What If Bill Gates Never Wrote the Trustworthy Computing Memo?
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Latest News The security industry has undergone massive changes in the last 15 years, and in some cases it's hard to imagine what things would be like had these events not taken place. Think of a world in which Google focuses on security and privacy and Microsoft never started Trustworthy Computing, and you get the idea. So, having spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about these kinds of scenarios for no good reason, here are five completely random what-ifs from the last few years of the security industry. Have a better alternate scenario? Leave it in the comments.

What if George Bush had implemented the National Strategy?

What happened: In the months after the 9/11 attacks, Bush ordered Richard Clarke and the rest of his President's Critical Infrastructure Protection Board to develop a comprehensive plan for shoring up the security of the country's networks. It took more than a year and a lot of public and private screaming matches, but the report finally appeared on Valentine's Day 2003. It was immediately criticized for being overly broad and lacking specific guidance for addressing existing problems. But all of that was soon forgotten, as the U.S. invaded Iraq five weeks later. The intelligence and security agencies turned all of their attention to the new war and the National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace was put on a shelf, where it has sat, virtually untouched ever since. Even after the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan had settled down, relatively speaking, Bush paid virtually no attention to the problem of information security, relegating it to a DHS backwater instead of keeping it in the White House, where it had been previously.

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