Quick and easy Linux security
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Host Security You’ve just set up your Linux desktop. Naturally you want it to be as secure as possible. You’ve heard the rumors that, out of the box, Linux has outstanding security. Is it true? Do you really want to take a chance with that? Most likely not. But what can you do? There are tons of firewall tools you can use (take a look at my article “Build a custom firewall with fwbuilder” for an example). But outside of setting up a firewall on your machine, what can you do to boost the security on your desktop? In this article you will learn some very simple steps you can take to help make your Linux desktop a bit more secure than “out of the box”. These steps can be done by any level of user, so don’t think you will be doing any recompiling or creating iptables chains.

No auto login

When you first install many distros, you will be asked if you want your user to auto login. This is a bad idea if you are in an environment you can’t fully trust. If there are other users around, you do not want them using your account. To help avoid this disable auto login. On the GNOME desktop go to System >Administration > Login Screen. When the Login Screen Settings window opens follow these steps:

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