Remotely Viewing A Userís Web History With CSS
Source: The Coffee Desk - Posted by Alex   
Host Security Throughout the years, there have been several JavaScript/CSS/VBScript exploits in various browsers (and by ďvariousĒ, I mean mostly Internet Explorer) that allow a remote site to view a userís complete web history. There is a technique, however, for easily recording a userís browsing history without relying on a remote code execution exploit, and the only requirement is a fairly W3C CSS-compliant browser. Thatís right Ė even JavaScript-disabled visitors can still have their browsing histories compromised with this technique.

The Disclaimer

This code is provided as an example of a flaw which spans several web browsers, but is not meant to be implemented on an actual functional web site outside of the purpose of demonstration (as we provide below). Production usage of this code is considered a violation of privacy from both the standpoint of the end-user(s) and law enforcement in some regions.

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