Linux and the sheer utter misery of viruses
Source: ComputerWorld UK - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Host Security In our cosy *nix world we don't suffer from viruses, or rather we didn't. But thanks to an amazing piece of reverse engineering we have SAMBA, and SAMBA allows Windows machines to talk to Linux (and Solaris) networks and store files on them. What this means is that we can have viruses by proxy if any Linux network we deploy has Windows workstations... which mostly they do. Often on the same network, thanks to the magic of that other unifying technology Open LDAP there are Linux and Mac workstations too.

Of course the Linux servers and the Mac/Linux desktops are immune to Windows viruses so one might hope that if a virus gets into the Windows machines, whether because of a less than perfect virus checker or security update policy, it would only serve to make the point about the vulnerability of Windows workstations.

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