Security review: Good riddance to 2009
Source: Network World - Posted by Alex   
Latest News Looking back at 2009, I'm sure I will not be alone in celebrating the end of the year with gusto. 2009 was a difficult year for most, with a slow recovery and challenging business conditions. Let's see how I did predicting security trends in 2009. Host-based security. I predicted that host-based security would rise in importance with the release of Windows 7. It is still too early to tell if Windows 7 will shift the discussion in security, but so far this prediction has not come true. Perhaps it represented wishful thinking.

Mobile security concerns and solutions grow. I predicted the emergence of a trojan on a mobile platform and the increased importance of security for mobiles. The iPhone worm and other security incidents validate this prediction.

Encryption grows. At-rest encryption did in fact grow, coming as standard in most desktop operating systems and being widely adopted by companies as a default policy. E-mail encryption is still a challenge, according to last year's prediction. I'll count this one as a successful prediction.

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