Stumbling and Sniffing Wireless Networks in Linux, Part 3
Source: Linux Planet - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Wireless Security Last month, we started this series to help you survey and analyze the airwaves with Linux tools. In the first part, we looked at SWScanner after reviewing some basic stumbling and sniffing information. Then in the second part, we discovered KwiFiManager and tcpdump. Now we're going to use a GUI-based network sniffer/analyzer, Wireshark. Plus we'll discover two intrusion detection tools designed to help detect rogue APs and devices on the network. Lets get started!

Visually sniffing with Wireshark

If you don't particularly enjoy the command-line or are a Linux newbie, you might want to stick with using a GUI-based sniffer. Additionally, using a visual application can provide a faster and more in-depth inspection of your network traffic. We're going to look at Wireshark, a popular cross-platform network analyzer, formally named Ethereal.

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