Tempting Those Blackhatted Poohs with a Taste of Virtual Honey
Source: Linux Magazine - Posted by Alex   
Network Security It isnít enough just to run a decent network and to provide essential services to your ever-wanting-more congregation of spoiled users ó you also have to protect everything from disgruntled insiders and even more disgruntled outsiders. Honeypots and honeynets give you the ability to provide a few slightly less secure systems to those honey thieves without giving away the whole hive. Larger companies hire full-time staff to secure their networks and keep them secure from the constant barrage of security-smashing attempts by those malcontented demons living in some squalid and unpronounceable distant land. Thatís the picture we place in our heads, anyway, to make us feel better about spending a tremendous amount of time and money in hopes of defeating that international spy ring bent on breaking into our high-profile and strategically crucial catering business records.

Donít laugh; that catering business holds perhaps thousands of valid credit card numbers, expiration dates and owner names in its database. And thatís enough for any Pooh to lick his chops and begin limbering up his greedy little paws for some late night intrusion attempts. Lure him away with the taste of lower-hanging fruit in a honeypot ó a virtual honeypot, that is.

Yes, there are real blackhatted Poohs out there who desire to compromise our governmentís information, to expose our corporate malfeasance, to upset our financial stability of our beloved banking system and steal credit card numbers from your catering business. The threats exist for real. The solutions also exist ó virtual honeypots and honeynets form part of those solutions.

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