Google Chrome OS goes open source in Chromium OS
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Vendors/Products Google today has officially open sourced its under-development Chrome OS operating system under the Chromium OS project. The code is available now at: - I'm currently in the process of trying to build a full system now (so more to come from me soon). Right now the gziped Tarball is 232 MB (pretty small for an OS) and the official build milestone number is Google is working with Canonical, the lead sponsor behind the Ubuntu Linux project on part of the underlying OS. Chris Kenyon VP of OEM services at Canonical blogged today Canonical is contributing engineering to Google under contract. So, that means that there IS a link between Ubuntu and Chrome OS! That's a surprise. But hey it's still all open source.

By making the project fully open source,Google is opening the project up to participation and comment from interested developers. It also means that they'll be contributing code back to the open source community, which ultimately means that other vendors could benefit as well.

Aside from the Chromium OS announcement today, Google has provided a whole lot of interesting information about Chrome OS.

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