5 Best Linux/BSD Firewall Tools
Source: IntranetJournal - Posted by Bill Keys   
Firewalls Over the course of recent years, some people have found the quality of most out-of-the-store firewall appliances either lacking functionality or worse, set at a price that has made them generally out of reach. Because of this issue, I thought it would be beneficial to write an article to better highlight what works and what does not with regard to turning an older PC into a standalone router/firewall appliance. What do you think about this list of firewall tools? Did they miss anyones that should be on it?

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+ shorewall firewallWritten by tony on 2008-12-22 21:55:13
I had a chance last weekend to do some reading and installed Shorewall on my laptop running Sabayon Linux. I just made 3 changes and I was able to have it up and running. It was worth the  
time spent understangind at least the basics and I must say that I would like to recommend it also. Give Shorewall a try. 
AgreeWritten by b on 2008-12-23 09:45:30
I agree shorwall is a great firewall

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