Verify Your Email Security With tcpdump
Source: LinuxPlanet - Posted by John P. Forman   
Secure my e-mail I confess, I'm an outlaw at heart. I like using packet sniffers like tcpdump because it satisfies my base snooping impulses. Packet-sniffing is wiretapping after all, only it's applied to TCP/IP packets, not voice transmissions. Sure, they're my packets on my systems, but still the idea is appealing. Did you know that you can use tcpdump to verify that encryption on your POP email server is working? Find out how in this informative tutorial from Carla Schroder.

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Written by T3KH34D on 2008-10-03 11:40:22
Why bother with extensive tcpdump flags, just use dsniff and mailsnarf. I've got a passive tap on a bonded interface capturing everything coming and going on my WAN and I use dsniff , mailsnarf, and ettercap to check everything coming in and going out. I also run NTOP and iftop all the time to check the connections.

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