Set up Your Firewall With Firewall Builder
Source: Linux - Posted by Bill Keys   
Firewalls Firewall Builder (fwbuilder) is a graphical application that can help you to configure IP traffic filtering. It can compile the filtering policy you define into many specifications, including iptables and various languages used by Cisco and Linksys routers. Separating the actual policy you define and the implementation in this way should let you change what hardware is running your firewall without having to redefine your policy for that platform. How do you setup your firewall? Do you use an application to help or do you us just write your own Iptables? This article looks at a firewall application called fwbuilder and shows you some of the features of this software.

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firewallsWritten by cbrp1r8 on 2008-08-14 09:07:36
I use Ubuntu, so I have Firestarter installed as my firewall. It's prtty easy to play with configure etc without to much hassle.
FirestarterWritten by Jon on 2008-08-14 10:32:32
I like to use Firestarter too. On my desktop to setup some simple firewalll rules.

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