A Dedicated Firewall/Router: Devil-Linux
Source: Linux Journal - Posted by Bill Keys   
Firewalls Devil-Linux is a distribution which boots and runs completely from CD. The configuration can be saved to a floppy diskette or a USB pen drive. It was originally intended to be a dedicated firewall/router but now Devil-Linux can also be used as a server for many applications. Attaching an optional hard drive is easy, and many network services are included in the distribution. Have you used any Linux distributions which are design to be used as a firewall or router? This article looks at the Devil-Linux distribution with some useful links to learn more about this Linux distro.

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Network AdministratorWritten by guddu on 2008-07-24 23:47:40
useful for network security
Written by coin on 2009-05-11 15:40:57
Devil-Linux seems to be best-of-breed for combination firewall/desktop boxes. HW reqs are such that you can use whatever desktop distro you've installed to your hd (Ubuntu?), then shutdown your PC, unplug the data cables to your hd's (SATA or PATA), and then reboot to the Devil-Linux CD with the USB/floppy config info ready-to-go. Nifty! One other fw distro for combo firewall/desktop machines is m0nowall, yet Devil-Linux seems easier to use n' maintain.

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