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Latest News The Solar Designer from the Openwall project announced some interesting news about their project. They are joined the oCERT project which is an important project for the Linux Security. Solar Designer is creator of the popular John the Ripper password cracker and has developed many of the Openwall projects. His is one of the key players in making open source security so successful. We have joined the oCERT project (the Open Source Computer Emergency Response Team), in two ways: I serve on the advisory board of oCERT, and Openwall is a registered public member of oCERT such that we can be sure to receive notification of vulnerabilities pertaining to our software (and, far more likely, to third-party software that we redistribute as a part of Openwall GNU/*/Linux) that will be handled via oCERT. Other Open Source projects are welcome to register with oCERT, too. (We're also a member of oss-security and vendor-sec, and are registered with the CERT/CC.) The website for oCERT is:

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