So, would you call it SESolaris? SEOpenSolaris?
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SELinux We had mentioned last week that Solaris has introduced the FLASK security framework (part of the heart of SELinux) into its system. This week, a number of sites are chiming in, and this blogger has a couple of great links as well... In a major validation of the FLASK architecture, the OpenSolaris community has created a new project called Flexible Mandatory Access Control (fmac) to adapt the FLASK architecture to OpenSolaris. (The FLASK architecture that is the basis for SELinux.) Stephen Smalley will be one of the community leads. OSNews picked up the email thread today with some interesting comments.

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nothingWritten by panayotis on 2008-03-13 10:20:00
Just call it : 
SOS, Secure Open Solaris! :D

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