SELinux Blocks Real-World Exploits
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SELinux SELinux still has a ways to go before it becomes the standard for secure servers. But as time passes, more and more administrators are realizing that this isn't some addition that needs to be switched off - it's an incredibly effective tool that when used correctly, can stop real-world exploits from causing real-world problems. In this article, Network World gives a soup-to-nuts overview on the current state of SELinux and how it is one of the most capable ways administrators can lock-down their system.

Linux security experts are reporting a growing list of real-world security situations in which the US National Security Agency's SELinux security framework contains the damage resulting from a flaw in other software. These so-called "mitigations" are showing that a Linux feature that began as an esoteric security measure is starting to prove its worth.
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Written by guest0101 on 2008-04-26 10:48:38
how do i remove selinux completely from my system? (not just disable it) 

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