Uncovering the secrets of SE Linux: Part 1
Source: IBM Developer Works - Posted by Ryan Berens   
SELinux It's always good to take a look back right? Here we have one of the very first overviews after the introduction of SELinux into the community. And most of all, its really interesting to see how far SELinux has come. From "don't expect it to be ready for prime time" to its inclusion by default in Fedora Core, EnGarde Secure Linux and even Ubuntu Hardy, SELinux has really come a long way. Sure, its home is really to be found on the server (not the desktop), but this is one way of looking back.

And for those who still don't know too much about SELinux, you won't find many better (if thorough) overviews. Good stuff...

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selinuxWritten by guest0101 on 2008-04-26 10:43:29
how do i remove selinux completely from my system? 
selinux in linux is like microsoft forcing ppl to install ie in windows

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