Tips for Taming SE Linux, Part Two
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SELinux Last week we took the eagle's eye view of the principles behind SELinux. Today we'll dig a bit more deeply into SELinux policies, and then fire up Fedora 8 and see what SELinux looks like in practice. I recommend using the latest Fedora version as a SELinux training tool, because Fedora has the most mature implementation and userspace tools. Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS, the leading Red Hat clone, have similar SELinux setups to Fedora. Gentoo also has a nice SELinux implementation. I don't recommend starting from scratch. Start with a working setup, and then plan to spend considerable time learning your way around it, because it is a big complex beast. SELinux is a huge security framework but this articles does a good job at taking a look at one part at a time. The next time a program is not working correctly with SELinux turned on, try to debugging the problem and add some SELinux policy.

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Tips for Taming SE LinuxWritten by Vishal on 2007-12-11 02:03:12
Good Article

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