Full Mail Server Solution w/ Virtual Domains & Users
Source: howtoforge.com - Posted by Ryan Berens   
Secure my e-mail HOWTOForge is a great place to pick up some great guides on setting up your server. Here: This guide describes how to set up a full email solution in Debian Linux (all code is from Debian Etch). I was asked to design a secure, scalable, portable solution for a small company. He goes through every stage, from soup to nuts, of all the issues and steps involved in getting your mail up to the level you want it at.

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Mr.Written by Nuwan on 2007-11-08 04:52:05
Please send Me More Details
sys engrWritten by canis on 2007-11-20 19:28:58
emailWritten by system on 2008-09-04 00:26:08
i need to cofig pstfix................mail serer.

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