Beware of Hackers Targeting Storage Systems
Source: Network World - Posted by Eckie Silapaswang   
Hacks/Cracks Corporate storage systems and networks are an attractive target for hackers looking to steal sensitive data or launch computer attacks, Alan Lustiger, security architect at TD Ameritrade, told an audience at Computerworld's Storage Networking World user conference in Dallas Monday

Looks like NAS systems are becoming the low-hanging fruit as far as hackable network storage. The article states that the systems are most attractive due to its reliance on well-known protocols, and that these protocols could easily be studied and picked apart. This just sounds to me like a poor use of security - certain protocols have been around longer than the cast of Cocoon (ok maybe not THAT long) and yet many open-source companies maintain and secure them daily. Read on and let us know how you would defend "well known clear protocols"!

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