How much longer does AppArmor really have?
Source: Heise Security - Posted by Ryan Berens   
Latest News As of today, Novel has dissolved the AppArmor development team, centered around main developer, Crispin Cowan.

For a long time, AppArmor has been slow to be adopted due to the nature of its security structure (it differs from SELinux by its adherence to using names).

The issue here seems to be that without a funded back-end by Novell, how much longer does AppArmor really have? Is this a case of survival of the fittest? Could a name-based structure ever succeed? Certainly, with backing from Novell now gone, it may be safe to say that the project may only have another year. While a few distributions still include that support, will they be willing to include it in one year, without a large corporate backer?

It seems unlikely, at best, that another large organization is going to rise to take Novell's place, and without that AppArmor's days may be numbered.

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UbuntuWritten by Kevin Ross on 2007-10-16 11:50:06
The next Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon uses apparmor so maybe it will get a new breath of life from the Ubuntu front. I feel apparmor is a better alternative to SELinux because I find SELinux to be rather complex.
Agree 100% with KevinWritten by fak3r on 2007-10-16 12:07:22
While AppArmor may not be as all encompassing as SELinux, I feel having security at that lower/app level has value, and the fact that it's so much easier to setup is a big win. When I installed Gusty I looked through dmesg and saw that it was enabled by default, which I think is a great move, and a great boon for anyone using it. They don't need to set anything up, and they have more 'out of the box' security that not having it.
Nice FUD There ...Written by Crispin on 2007-10-22 22:20:12
Nice FUD job. The linked article says nothing like the summary here. AppArmor is standard in SUSE, Ubuntu, and now Mandriva. Mercenary Linix is in busines to provide AppArmor services. Far from being slow to be adopted, AppArmor uptake has been very rapid since it was open sourced. This "how much longer does AppArmor have" idea reads like wishful thinking.

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