Fortify Identifies Vulnerabilities in Open Source Software
Source: LinuxLookup - Posted by Bill Keys   
Hacks/Cracks Fortify Software announced that Fortify’s Security Research Group has identified a new class of security vulnerabilities, known as cross–build injection. These vulnerabilities, which Fortify discovered through its work with the Java Open Review (JOR) project (, allow a hacker to insert code into the target program while it is being constructed. What do you think about Fortify releasing whitepapers detailing this new class of vulnerabilities. Are they opening the door open for attackers to exploit? I don't think, they are hoping that software developers will listen and prevent these attacks from happening.

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how is this a new attack?Written by dave on 2007-10-12 10:46:24
how is this a new attack? thompson did this and wrote a paper on it back in '84 -- "reflections on trusting trust" - in the paper he outlines subverting the c compiler to infect all source code built with that modified compiler... this attack was also used in practice most notably when tcpdump/libpcap's autoconf include was backdoor'ed in '02.

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