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Latest News As Linux and security evolves, so has!

Since 1996, has been the most comprehensive resource for all things in the world of security and open source. And as open source continues its rise in securing the world's information, we are continuing our pursuit in being at the forefront of this exciting growth. So we are unveiling the new look of Linux Security.

Delivering a completely new focus by providing commentary, insight and analysis on every article we post from Linux Security experts from around the globe. The purpose is to give you, the community, even more relevant information and background on the pressing news in the industry.

But that doesn't change that the portal will always continue to combine information from around media, blogs and even more sources to provide:

  • One of the most useful resources for industry news in both Linux and security, with expert insight, from across the web.
  • HOWTOs, Feature Articles, Advisories, Book Reviews, Polls and more.
  • Original feeds for your RSS aggregator.
  • Community Involvement: YOU can contribute stories, articles or HOWTOs, and if it's selected we link the article back to your site!

Take a look around!

  • One of many Feature Articles: Here
  • Learn about becoming A Member:Here
  • Updated Events Section for Linux and Security Conferences: Here

We want your opinion! We respect what you think and what you contribute to the greater Linux community, and because our mantra has always been to serve the community, we value your input.

So we want to know. Really! So check out the site, and send us any suggestions at

LinuxSecurity ChangesWritten by dave on 2007-07-24 16:46:35
What does everyone think of the changes? I like the color changes and easier navigation. The new blog section is cool, too. You can tell a lot of work went into the new design and article content selection process, and I'm sure it will be popular.
How can control virousWritten by kuldeep Singh Chauhan on 2007-07-27 06:26:16
linux have strong anti virous who have stop virous and haking problem.

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