Anti Forensics: Making Your Computer Protected
Posted by Wendel Guglielmetti Henrique   
Learn tips and tricks This paper presents a wealth of information, ranging from basic, all the way to advanced techniques used in defeating forensic analysis from affecting your network. Why is this important? Because as the tools for protection become more sophisticated, so do the tools for unwanted analysis, and forensics is one of the most growing aspects in security. This is a solid overview and serve as a great resource to find out what forensics is, what it does, where it's going, and what you can do to stop it. Includes the following topics: - What is computer forensics? - What is Anti-Forensics? - Anti-Forensics methods: Encryption. Steganography. Self Split Files + Encryption. Defeat “last modified files” technique. Wipe. Data Hiding: swap, file system bad blocks, unallocated spaces, ADS. Process dump. Integrity check (MD5 Collision). Database Rootkits. BIOS Rootkits. (was translated from Portuguese in 2006) Check out the full paper at:

Computer Forensic Expert Training.Written by Syed Abdul Jabbar on 2008-04-09 12:04:00
kindly i would like toget the subject course from any Forensic / Police ? Security Institution at abroad . 
would you please helping me in this regard.  
Syed Abdul Jabbar  
Deputy Superintendent of Police  
Forensic Science Lab, 
Crime Branch Balochistan  

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