EnGarde Secure Community 3.0.12 Released
Source: EngardeLinux - Posted by Bill Keys   
Latest News Guardian Digital is happy to announce the release of EnGarde Secure Community 3.0.12 (Version 3.0, Release 12). This release includes many updated packages and bug fixes, several feature enhancements to Guardian Digital WebTool and the SELinux policy, and a few new features.

EnGarde Secure Community is a secure distribution of Linux engineered from the ground-up to provide organizations with the level of security required to create a corporate Web presence or even conduct e-business on the Web. It can be used as a Web, DNS, e-mail, database, e-commerce, and general Internet server where security is a primary concern.

The emphasis of this release was fixing bugs and updating packages. Many packages were upgraded to their latest stable versions and almost half of the outstanding bugs from bugs.engardelinux.org were fixed with this release.

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