Web Security Trends Report: 2007 Forecast
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Latest News The Web Security Trends Report focuses on dynamic code obfuscation as a method to hide malicious code, a trend that is growing in popularity among hackers as a means of bypassing traditional signature-based solutions in order to propagate malware. The report also describes recent specific incidents of sophisticated hacker attacks that take advantage of Web 2.0 technologies to embed malicious code in high-traffic web sites. In addition, the report includes a review of web security threats that emerged this year and the outlook for security trends in 2007.

The Finjan report provides several examples of dynamic code obfuscation techniques identified by Finjan’s MCRC as an especially insidious threat that undermines the ability of security vendors to detect and counter encrypted malicious code. These strategies entail providing each visitor to a malicious site with a different instance of obfuscated malicious code, based on random functions, parameter name changes, etc. To counter this threat, a conventional signature-based security solution theoretically would need millions of signatures to detect the existence of this particular piece of malicious code and to block it.

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