How to configure OpenVPN to use WiKID Strong Authentication
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Documentation These instructions describe setting up two-factor authentication with WiKID Strong Authentication, which is a commercial/open source two-factor authentication system and OpenVPN, an SSL-encrypted VPN, on a Linux server using the Radius Pluggable Authentication Module.. First, we will configure PAM to use Radius, then we will configure OpenVPN to use PAM and one-time passwords, then we will create a network client on the WiKID server for OpenVPN. We won't go into specifics about installing these services, rather we will focus on configuring them to all work together.

First, you need to install PAM Radius. There is excellent documentation on this at the PAM Radius home page. Depending on your distribution, you might also be able to find a suitable binary.

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pppWritten by ppp on 2008-04-21 08:26:41
dasWritten by sanjit on 2008-12-03 00:49:56
i want to know how configure vpn on linux

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