Set Up Ubuntu-Server 6.06 LTS As A Firewall/Gateway For Your Small Business Environment
Source: HOWTO Forge - Posted by Eric Lubow   
Documentation Needs very little maintenance and is extendable beyond your wildest imagination. All depending on the hardware used, of course. This is just a COPY&PASTE howto. For more info use the net. I did... However, contributions and suggestions are allways welcome! I know this can be done better, so feel free. I should have based this tuto on 6.06 LTS right away, because of the LTS. Sorry for that. Due to some minor but important changes needed to make this work with Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, I wrote it again.

Scope: creating a firewall/(mail)gateway for a small network (say 10 to 15 users or so on a PIII 450MHz, 512 MB ram and two identical network interface cards, broadband connection, fully featured, for a business environment. Better specs of your hardware (notably the amount of ram) will improve the performance of your server significantly. The specs mentioned ar a bare minimum for not so demanding customers, yust to indicate that if you really want, it can be done indeed (need to do some tweaking afterwards though).

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