Book Review: Security Threat Mitigation and Response
Source: UnixReview - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Documentation When it comes to network security, Cisco is actively involved in coming up with some of the very best solutions to troublesome problems that unexpectedly occur. When it comes to books about security, however, Cisco Press has an uneven batting average. Some of the books are good, while others leave you wondering how they made it through the editing stage. Looking at words like “paradigm” on the back cover of this title, my spine began to get a familiar tingle, but in this case, I am happy to report, they have hit a home run.

Cisco Security MARS (Monitoring, Analysis, and Response System) is a product intended to work with your network and identify (as well as prevent) problems early on. It is also intended to boost data privacy to the point where compliance becomes a certainty. Given the customization that is possible and the importance of getting it right, a book on the topic that is detailed and easy to read is almost a necessity.

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