Common Security Solutions Can't Prevent Data Theft
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Latest News Widely used data security solutions have been found useless against several methods of data theft, according to tests conducted by a data security Innersafe Corporation. Types of data exposed included those useful for fraud, identity theft, phishing, or spamming. And, like tampered votes in certain electronic voting machines, data theft can remain undetected after it happens.

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Here is more info and a video related toWritten by Treo 680 on 2006-11-14 15:52:08
Here is a 1MB Flash video clip by Innersafe showing Palm Desktop's password being bypassed. Basically, it shows Palm Treo smartphone data exposed on a PC using password protection, disk encryption, antivirus, antispyare, etc. 
The botnet with 1.5 million hacked PC's mentioned by the story was reported by Dutch police last year.  

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