Installing and configuring FireHOL - Part I
Source: Unix Tutorials - Posted by Eric Lubow   
Documentation Having firewall is one of the steps you can take to make sure that you machine is a little bit secure. This is achieved by opening access only to application or ports that you explicitly allow, and blocking the rest. This for me is a good practice, although some people might argue otherwise. For my Linux machines, I prefer to use FireHOL. FireHOL is not a firewall on its own, but a shell wrapper for Linux iptables firewall. It allows you to configure iptables rules in a descriptive, easy to understand language.

For this tutorialís purpose, we will assume that we want to setup a home router on a Linux machine, running Ubuntu. The machine have two network interface card (NIC), eth0 pointing to the Internet, and eth1 for local LAN.

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