Kismet sniffs out Wi-Fi access
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Documentation Today, Wi-Fi access points everywhere, and users becoming increasingly more sophisticated in their wireless network knowledge. One good tool for discovering Wi-Fi access points is a command-line utility called Kismet. It can help with a range of issues, from diagnosing Wi-Fi interference problems to finding a particular network in a sea of airborne bits.

For example, while configuring your own access point, you can use Kismet to see which channels are being used in your area. Start Kismet and let it run for a few minutes with channel-hopping enabled, so Kismet can scan the entire range of Wi-Fi channels, and it will find all the access points within range. You can then set your access point to an unused channel, thereby minimizing potential interference from all the other ones. Once your wireless network is configured, Kismet can check that you're on your chosen channel and that encryption is working. You can fire up Kismet and scan for available networks in public places. Kismet will list the SSID and channel for each detected network, along with signal strength and access point vendor information.

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