Virtual ID card could pose problems
Source: Security Park - Posted by Vincenzo Ciaglia   
Latest News A virtual ID card designed to improve children's net safety has been launched in the UK, US, Canada and Australia. The NetIDMe card can be swapped by children online when using chatrooms, instant messaging and social networks. Parents and children can apply for the card using credit card details and a form countersigned by a professional who knows the child concerned.

Tom Newton, product manager at content filtering firm SmoothWall, said: "The new child online safety card, which was launched in the UK yesterday, has been over-hyped and could end up causing more harm than good. Of course, it is a worthy idea and will certainly be a blueprint for future similar schemes, but this initial effort has some serious flaws. For starters it costs money to purchase and then use, which will put some parents off. It is complicated to get a hold of and probably most dangerous of all is that it will mean parents will think they don't have to monitor their children's online activities as closely.

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