Using sudo to replace su
Posted by Eric Lubow   
Security Tips Use sudo to execute commands as root as a replacement for su. In the /etc/sudoers file, add the following lines by using the visudo command:
Cmnd_Alias LPCMDS = /usr/sbin/lpc, /usr/bin/lprm
Now the user 'eric' can sudo and use the lpc and lprm commands without having any other root level access.

Sudo SuWritten by Abhi on 2007-11-07 17:13:50
Can anyone tell me the difference beteen SUDO Su and using su to root with root password.  
As I understand in the first case, when i do a Sudo su, i will have to use my own password and i baiscally become root without knowing root password.  
Now the question is, what is the security implication in using both these mechanisms to access root

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