Secure Linux/UNIX access with PuTTY and OpenSSH
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Harden my filesystem This paper details the steps on how to set up secure access with PuTTY, including installation, configuration of sessions, and all the steps required to set up public keys and employe the key agents. It includes lots and lots of helpful screenshots,

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hWritten by pete on 2007-01-24 16:09:49
linuxWritten by auro on 2007-01-31 00:45:49
mistakeWritten by llista on 2007-02-08 09:48:12
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Linux through PuttyWritten by Gopi on 2008-11-13 13:56:33
Hi, I am not able to connect the Linux running in VMware 6.0 through putty. Can anyone tell me is there anything i need to do in Vm linux terminal or i have give the ip in linux also, but not able to ping the vmware machine from windows machine

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