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Latest News The Linuxsecurity team has been busy lately enhancing the planet's premier Open Source security site. The most conspicuous improvement is our new "ShoutBox" that lets visitors exchange their views on security and other matters in real time, so give us a "shout" and let us hear what you think.

Behind the scenes, we have just finished upgrading our site to the latest version of the Joomla! Open Source content management software, v 1.0.10, which brings many improvements to the security and performance of the site.

Our greatest effort has gone into the Resource pages. Now with nearly 500 articles, this section is your portal to the latest HOWTOs and documentation for everything Linux Security. More and more articles for hardening your Linux box are appearing, like Securing and Hardening Linux Production Systems. A firewall is a classic way to keep intruders from sneeking into your system and with so many options to choose from, reading a firewall primer is a good way to get started. If you need further assurance that your data will be protected, refer to this HOWTO on Data Encryption. Be sure to check out the latest tips, how-to's, and other explanations of the latest Open Source security technologies.

Two other features that we have added are comments for Polls and the User Rating System. The Polls are found on the left-hand side below the Members Menu. The User Rating System can be found after clicking on a specific news article. We truly want to get more feedback from our users and these tools will, hopefully, enable us to do so.

If you have any comments or suggestions concerning our site, please feel free to e-mail us or submit a comment below.

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