Taking Steps To Protect Customer Data
Source: www.cio-today.com - Posted by Paul VonBurg   
Host Security With so much attention paid to malicious attacks by hackers, worms and viruses, it's a common misconception that outside forces pose the greatest danger to a company's data. The reality, however, is that internal elements are far more dangerous when it comes to data security than anything on the outside, including natural disasters.

The data contained within a CRM application is often a company's most critical asset, yet because of the pivotal role this information plays in day-to-day business activities, it is also often the most vulnerable to security breaches and disruptions. What's more, ignoring or under-estimating vulnerabilities can be costly; a recent study by The Ponemon Institute found that a data breach can carry a staggering $14 million price tag when both tangible and intangible costs are factored in.

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