Feds Want Hacker's Genetic Code
Source: Wired News - Posted by Eric Lubow   
Latest News Hacker Adrian Lamo is in trouble again, this time for failing to give the federal government his DNA. On Tuesday, federal probation officer Michael Sipe filed a notice of violation in a Northern California court accusing Lamo of refusing to submit a blood sample, in violation of Sipe's instructions and a 2-year-old federal law. "He reported to the probation office as instructed; however, he refused to provide a blood sample for DNA testing, in violation of the general condition of supervision requiring compliance with federal law," the filing reads.

Lamo is nearly 18 months into a two-year probation sentence for hacking The New York Times in 2002. According to his attorney, Lamo's refusal is based on a religious objection to giving blood, and he's willing to provide his DNA in another form. "He went in there with fingernail clippings and hair, and they refused to accept it, because they will only accept blood," says federal public defender Mary French. "Which is, you know, kind of in the Dark Ages."

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