All-in-one Linux Firewall touts ease of use, advanced features
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Firewalls If you haven't checked out Endian Firewall yet, download the code and give it a try. Endian Firewall is a packaged Linux security distribution that combines several open source firewall, VPN and anti-virus packages with a hardened Linux operating system. There are many Linux security appliance packages out there, so Endian is hoping to differentiate its distribution with ease-of-use management and set-up features. According to the developers' Web site, the "turn-key" package was created with "usability in mind ... without losing its flexibility." A set of browser-based wizards is used for setup, configuration and maintenance, and the software can be installed via the RPM package manager standard.

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Written by Tom Wolfe on 2006-05-04 15:17:42
I've had Endian going for a couple of days now. We will be using it as a firewall, content filter, and spam and antivirus filter at our school (150 workstations, email and web server, Video surveillance, and streaming audio server for the local radio station). 
Endian is easy to install, and full of features bundled standard that, with IPCop, you need to install separately. The GUI is clean and easy to navigate and understand, much more so than IPCop, which is bulkier and less intuitive. 
The only problem I have found with Endian in its present form (May 2006) is its lack of English documentation--unless you read Italian, you will have to be satisfied with the GUI (which is actually very well laid out and logical) and the excellent video tutorials that take you through such tasks as setting up firewalls, joining a Windows domain, applying AD group permissions, and so forth. Apparently the plans for the 2.0 release (in the next couple of months) include a bigger feature set and English and German documentation. 
I still need some time to evaluate its reliability, but so far I'm very impressed.
Network AdministratorWritten by Miguel M. on 2006-08-11 14:28:18
I just downloaded the free version of Endian Firewall but I can't find any documentation on it. the version I downloaded was 2.x. Does anyone know where the documentation is located (if any?) thanks for your help,.

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