RSA Looks To Drown Phishers In Data Flood
Source: ZDNet UK - Posted by Eric Lubow   
Privacy A novel tactic to defeat phishers is being employed by Cyota staff: flooding phishing sites with fake bank details to make the real information harder to find. RSA's Cyota division is helping fight phishing attacks by giving the online fraudsters what they want — lots of user names, passwords, online banking credentials and credit card numbers.

Phishing occurs when cybercriminals set up fraudulent copies of a genuine Web site — usually of a financial institution — and try to lure customers of that organisation into visiting the site and entering their login credentials or other personal details. Unfortunately for the phishers, one of the techniques Cyota is using to help protect its banking customers is to pump such fraudulent Web sites with so many fake entries that the genuine details are harder to find, according to Naftali Bennett, senior vice president of the Consumer Solutions Division at RSA Security and co-founder of Cyota, which was acquired by the security giant late last year.

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