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Documentation I’m a huge fan of IPCop. It’s a great firewall distro that makes administration a snap using a slick web interface. My goal was to use IPCop and an easy-to-use VPN client to allow access to my LAN while away from home. I ended up going with the ZERINA OpenVPN addon for IPCop and the OpenVPN GUI for Windows. If you’ve ever wanted full, secure, encrypted access to your LAN from any remote location, here is your guide.

Download, install, and configure IPCop. Remember that it’s a full distro, so you need a dedicated box to be able to run it. But the good thing is that you barely need any processor power or RAM to make it work. I’m currently running mine on a Celeron 433 box with 32MB (yes, megabytes) of RAM. The CD installer really holds your hand and makes it quite easy, but you may want to check out my Building an IPCop Firewall presentation that I gave at CPLUG back in May 2005.

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