Steganography FAQ
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Cryptography Steganography is a subject which is rarely touched upon by most IT Security Enthusiasts. Most people don't see Steganography has a potential threat, some people don't even know what Steganography is. With this FAQ I hope to answer any questions anyone may want to ask about Steganography, and to educate people so they can understand what exactly Steganography is. Is Steganography a potential threat? Well your about to find out.

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Infosec EngineerWritten by Mark Heinrich on 2006-04-04 10:50:51
I appreciated Aelphaeis' paper, especially the examples and the links.
helloWritten by kaveh on 2006-06-03 19:54:07
i want to know what is estaganography? 
steganophoner@yahoo.comWritten by James McGrath on 2007-10-15 19:17:48
The author has completely ignored the presence of covered verbalizations (commonly known as subliminal suggestions) in many pieces of recorded music. They are intended as a form of covert hypnosis, and one of the most important suggestions is that they no be heard by the listener. The other content proves that the intent of their authors is often direct terrorism, not communicaion.

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