Users of SELinux Now Have A Choice On Security
Source: Government Computer News - Posted by Eric Lubow   
SELinux The release of a new open-source security package has sparked debate over how many Mandatory Access Control applications Linux really needs, and if more than one would just dilute volunteer efforts. Novell Inc. of Provo, Utah, recently released the source code for its recently acquired Linux security application, AppArmor. It also set up a project site in hopes of attracting outside developers to further refine the program.

MAC software tackles the growing problem of applications executing malicious tasks on their host systems. It keeps profiles of routine actions that each application on a computer usually takes. When a program starts behaving in an unusual fashion, the MAC software can call on the operating system to halt that errant operation.

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Linux SecurityWritten by Admnistrator on 2006-10-03 22:30:26

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