Hackers are ready for IPv6—are you?
Source: GCN.com - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Network Security One of the arguments for moving to version 6 of the Internet Protocols is that it will offer more security. This may well be true in the long run. But for the time being, IPv6 is likely to introduce more complexity and create more problems than it solves. “The hackers currently have the lead? in IPv6 technology, said Dave Goodrum, systems engineer for NFR Security Inc. of Rockville, Md.

Since 2003, there have been hundreds of attacks using IPv6 tunneling as an evasive technique for sending malicious packets through firewalls and other monitoring tools. As more equipment is IPv6-enabled and tunneling is used to accommodate both versions 4 and 6 of the protocols on the same network, these and other attacks are likely to become more common.

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