Security: Forensic Tools in Court
Source: - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Security An interesting question comes to mind when you use as many open source forensic and security tools as I do — if I ever go to court over this case, will my tools be considered valid? When you do examine this issue closely, you find many versions of the answer, both on the legal and techie sides.

Others flat out say that commercial tools (e.g., Encase, Forensic Toolkit) are the only way to go. Courts are familiar with these tools and can understand how they work, and they are easy to explain to a jury. Earlier this year I received training on how to conduct forensic investigations. This was a beginner's class, so we didn't get to use many of the more sophisticated tools; however, the instructors emphasized the use of commercial tools (like the two previously mentioned). In their experience, these tools were commonly recognized in court, which made explaining their cases all the more easy.

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