Evaluating Intrusion Prevention Systems
Source: CIO Update - Posted by Pax Dickinson   
Intrusion Detection With intrusion prevention systems (IPS) fast becoming as essential a purchase as the ubiquitous firewall, the choice is becoming ever more bewildering as more and more vendors scurry to bring new products to market.

Some of these vendors are coming from a solid IDS (intrusion detection) background, while others are essentially hardware manufacturers (switches or anti-mitigation devices) that are crossing over into the IPS world. The resulting products are often quite different.

For example, the largely software-based IDS products tend to turn into software-based IPS products running on standard Intel hardware. While performance can be perfectly adequate, you can never expect them to match those ASIC/FPGA-based dedicated hardware devices which can yield near switch-like latencies, and handle a gigabit or more of 64-byte packets without blinking.

On the other hand, the new kids on the block might be able to boast superior performance, but they are often starting from scratch when it comes to signature coverage and resistance to anti-evasion techniques; areas in which the more established IDS/IPS vendors excel.

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