Perform due diligence with RFID security
Source: Network World - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Security Most notably, EPCglobal Gen 2 standards currently lack over-the-air data-stream encryption between passive RFID tags and readers, though there are provisions for locking RFID tag memory and disabling tags. EPCglobal Gen 2 is the current standard for how passive tags affixed to items and encoded with information about them communicate wirelessly with readers, which collect that information and pass it to upstream applications.

Some of the start-up vendors at the seminar, sponsored last month by the Silicon Valley - China Wireless Technology Association, were willing to shrug the current state of RFID security off as "good enough." Others warned that such an attitude could be repeating the mistakes of Wi-Fi, where overlooking security concerns early in the game could come back to haunt.

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