Security moves back into top 5 IT priorities
Source: ZDNet - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Security With Labor Day weekend quickly vanishing into a memory, the team has just finished compiling this month's IT priorities data. The big news is that what happened last month with security is now pretty much undone. It is back in the top 5 list, just barely edging out IT management for the fifth position (it was in fourth back in July). Software infrastructure and hardware upgrades also swapped positions and are in second and third respectively. As usual, wired and wireless projects are up on top as organizations buy into data and voice network convergence and install wireless networking equipment. Overall, things are looking good. According to the US Commerce Department, in Q2 2005, businesses spent 17.3% more on computers and peripheral equipment than they did in Q2 2004.

Security, which dropped to sixth place last month, moved up one spot with many respondents concerned about spyware. The recent Zotob scare will likely keep security in place for some time.

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