The Mobility Threat
Source: CIO Asia - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Wireless Security We live in an era where mobile devices are being used by all levels of society. Today, it is fairly common to see a CEO or a school kid carrying a PDA or mobile phone. According to a survey by Infocomm Authority of Singapore (IDA), the penetration rate of mobile phones in Singapore has grown to 91 percent in 2004. Sophisticated PDA phones and other mobile devices such as the Blackberry are actually miniaturised PCs and they have become ubiquitous.

Data stored within a mobile device can be more important then you think. Your competitors would be happy to know your customers’ contact details and the appointments you have had with them. This is no less important than the customer database in your company’s backend server. Besides your contact list, more advanced devices that are gaining popularity like the Blackberry, can also store your e-mail, documents and presentation files. What makes things even more insecure is that besides local storage (i.e. the internal computer memory of the device itself), vendors have added removable memory cards such as the MultiMedia and Secure Digital memory cards.

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